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如今微信(WeChat)走进了人们的生活,为大家带来了诸多便利,但有些人也随之成了“微信控”(WeChataholic),请你就此事写一篇文章。你的文章必须包括:对此现象的描述 你对“微信控”看法。


In recent years,Wechat is becoming increasingly popular. Many people express themselves, exchange ideas and deliver information by Wechat.

There are a number of reasons for Wechat to be known. To begin with, Wechat is a relative cheap way of communication,which cuts down a great deal of the cost of making a phone call. Next,Wechat is to the taste of the majority of people. Its attractive interface and various functions are loved wildly. Furthermore, convenience also accounts for its popularity. It is available everywhere and at any time.

However, problems exist meanwhile. Firstly, our identity can be revealed when we use Wechat. As a result, we can be in trouble. Moreover, it may make communicating with others face to face less. To make the matter worse,relationship could break down. Last but not the least, our attention might be drawn too much to focus on study.

That’s all. There is no doubt that Wechat will improve as time goes by.


英文书写应符合书写规范,英文字母要写清楚、写整齐、写美观,字母的大小和 字母之间的距离要匀称。书写应做到字形秀丽漂亮,通篇匀称和谐。写英文字母要掌握正确笔顺。如小写字母i,应该先写下面的部分,然后再打点。有的学生却按写汉字的习惯从上到下写,写快了,就会把点和下面的竖笔连在一起,显得十分别扭。字形t应为两笔。不少人却将两笔合成一笔,看上去不像t,倒像l或是e,难以辨认。另外,把r写成v,把q写成把g,把k写成h等等,都是中学生书写中常见的毛病。不少人在四线三格的练习纸上书写尚有规矩,能按字母的占格、高低和大小要求书写,但在白纸或横线纸上书写,却显得十分幼稚拙劣。字母或跳上跳下,或一律写成同一高度,占上中两格的字母与占中下两格的字母完全没有高低之别。这些现象都要防止。另外,书写时还要注意词与词之间要保持一定的距离,不能紧靠在一起。字母之间的连写也应该按照习惯,不能随意乱来。


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